Who are we

Maqaam Tours is a volunteer run organisation that aims to assist the Hujjaj in their journey to the holy lands and make the experience a pleasant and spiritually uplifting one. Our purpose is to not only to just serve the people who have made the intention to travel to the House of Allah but we also pledge that all our profits will be used for charitable causes so that your contribution will go further than making the journey to Hajj.

Hajj is by far the most important journey for any Muslim to undertake as described by the Holy Prophet (SAW). The perfect Hajj is said to be the rebirth and the dawn of a new beginning for every person completing it.

Our objectives

At Maqaam we have taken great care in preparing a truly outstanding Hajj package for this once-in-a-lifetime journey, we have very carefully selected the highest standard of hotels offering superb service and facilities. This coupled with our experience and personal touch ensures that your time is solely spent in the worship of Allah.

Maqaam Tours is fully committed to making sure that your comfort and well-being is at the top of our agenda and our highest priority. We will endeavour to make your stay with us a memorable experience.

We kindly request that you make Dua for us and ask Allah (SWT) that he blesses our work so that we continue to raise the standards of service to best serve the Hujjaj and contribute our gains to noble causes.

The Hajj Experience

Hajj is the ultimate opportunity that Muslims have been blessed with by Allah (SWT). It re-energises and strengthens our connection to our Lord and Creator, by moving away from worldly distractions and worshipping Him as if we see Him, even though we see Him not.

It is an opportunity to ask Allah to forgive us all our errors. Return us to a state of a new born child. Elevate our Maqaam (Station) in this world and in the hereafter by allowing us to draw closer to Him.

Whosever does hajj for the sake of Allah does not have intimate relations(with his wife), commit sins or dispute unjustly during hajj, will come back like the day his mother gave birth to him. (Bukhari and Muslim)

Maqaam Tours assists Hujjaj in their journey to the holy lands and help make their experience a pleasant and spiritually uplifting one.