By presenting the private and secured policies, have won the trusts of their customers all these years. The company works on the aim to meet the demands and by providing satisfaction to the customers whether it is the security of the money or the other services as well. The company feels it their important duty to inform the customers about their privacy policy prior to the booking of the flights and other services with us. This can help the client to stay away from this worry out of the many regarding the tour. We want to make over customers absolutely relaxed and confident before opting for our services.

The confidentiality of the information the client provides us is our high priority while making a deal, and for this purpose, we have set some rules and the privacy that contains the following key factors:
• The nature of the information that we gather is questioned and the purpose of the gathering of this information also holds the position.
• The complete process to use the information that we get from the client is also questioned.
• The customer’s personal information must be secured and kept private.

In case there is any issue regarding these above-mentioned queries, following are the solutions:
Why We Gather the Information and The Nature of This Information
• Your email address is needed in order to keep you updated about the details regarding the flights, and also to confirm your booking as well. We have an online system that helps us to keep the record safe, and also to update the customers about the current status of their bookings, the email address is needed to register the client in that online system as well. The online system will also let you keep update about the latest services and the packages and many other important notifications.
• From this, you will be able to choose the best option from the list of the services and the packages.
• The credit card number is required for the payment purposes of course. The credit card number along with the expiration date of the card is demanded from the client, but we make sure to protect it using the SSL connection.
• Your personal mobile number is needed, this will help you contact you in case of any emergency od in case your email is not working properly or other server based issues as well.
• We update all the information like the email address, card number and the personal phone number in our online system. Courtesy a very strong system, only our staff members can get to this information provided by the clients. A firewall is enabled or this purpose to secure the system, it will help protect the information by rejecting any unwanted or restricted access.
• We use cookies in order to aggregate that and to observe the origin of the web traffic accessing us. However, we make sure that the data must not identify you in any situation or the way using the cookies. However, you can always turn off the cookies access by going to the settings of your browser as well.

The Process to Use the Information that we Gather from the Client

The data that we get from you is straight away forwarded to the third party, which starts processing the services that you wanted to get in the package. The third party holds all the rights to use your personal information to get you the services you wanted on your behalf. We also keep it under high concerns to keep your personal information protected under the third party as well. When you have accepted our terms and the conditions, you agree to give us the permission to share your personal information to the third party. However, the client must not be worrying about having their personal information to be sold shared or traded to the third party for the promotional purposes by the company. The company makes it highly confidential to protect all of your personal information from the unwanted and the unauthorized party.

Online Security

The company makes sure to take every precautionary measure to make your personal information safe in the online system. We have provided high levels of the online security to the system that is observed by our teams all the time to make sure that any unauthorized access must be rejected and dealt with in time. We use the SSL connection system in order to protect all the transactions that are made on our website. The SSL connection systems also look out for the protection of all the other important data like the bookings of the flights, etc. as well.

Changes to this Policy

The company holds all the rights and responsibilities in order to make any kind of the changes in the privacy policy. It can also modify the policy at any time, any day, any month of the year and can add anything to the policy as well. However, in the scenarios like this, we will notify our customers and will keep updating them about any change, addition or the modification in the privacy policy. We will do this by sending them the updated version of the privacy policy. Also, in case the policy change occurs, it can also affect and gives us the right to change the way we use your personal information that we gathered from you before the change is made. But, the security of the information is still very intact in any case. The policy change can contain many kinds of the minor as well as the major changes as well. The updated version will be sent to you as per the nature of the changes that that occurs in this policy. In that case, you are responsible for reading out that updated version of the policy that will be mailed to you to the email address that you provided before the change. If you are not satisfied by the change, you need to notify us and inform as well. The personal information, booking details and the payment details will be thoroughly protected and secured all the time. You are free to call us anytime regarding any detail about the privacy policy by getting the number mentioned on our website.